Gaskets / Sets

HS9116pt Head gasket set

Fel pro head gasket set. Includes all gaskets needed to remove and install the cylinder head. It even includes turbo mounting gaskets. Add this to the lower conversion set and that makes a complete engine gasket set.


Price: $77.95

CS8788-1 Lower gsket set

Fel pro Conversion (lower end gasket set) includes front and rear seals. Add this to the head gasket set and that makes a complete engine gasket set.

Price: $56.16

TC101 Timing cover gasket set

Timing cover gasket set. Includes cover gasket, front seal, and water pump gasket.

Price: $8.95

MS90981 Intake manifold gasket

Fel-Pro Intake manifold gasket.

Price: $7.25

MD102683 OEM Exhaust manifold gasket

OEM Mitsubishi exhaust manifold steel shim gasket.

Price: $14.49

VS50146R Valve cover gasket set

Fel-Pro valve cover gasket with valve cover grommets and semi-circular plug.


Price: $14.05

ES72645 Turbo Mounting gaskets

Fel-pro turbo mounting gasket set. Includes turbo to manifold gasket, turbo to down pipe, an oil pipe gasket, and copper oil pipe gasket.

Copper water banjo gaskets are NOT in this set.

Price: $7.05

MD191432 oil pump mounting gasket

Oil pump mounting gasket for turbo application only.

Price: $3.99

388 oil pump tube o/ring

Oil pump pick up tube o-ring for turbo application only.

This is not an OEM o-ring. OEM has been discontinued. This was matched up using the fel pro o-ring as a sample.

Price: $6.00

Mf520015 small o/ring oil filter hsg inner

O-Ring for the oil filter adaptor. This is the inner o-ring. This is used along with the o-ring for the oil filter housing block below.

Price: $2.28

Mf520588 o/ring oil filter hsg large

O-Ring for oil filter housing to block. This is used along with the oil filter adapter o-ring listed above.

Price: $12.09

OS30400A Oil pan gasket set

Fel-Pro oil pan gasket set.

Price: $11.99

MD619987 Distributor o/ring

Distributor mounting o-ring.

Price: $3.14

45848 cam plug

Rear camshaft plug.

Price: $6.99

X10079200 Ajusa head gasket

AJUSA metal head gasket. This is the best gasket that Ajusa makes for the 2.6 Turbo G54B. It has a composite core with 2 steel layers and silicone coating.

Price: $56.99

96-543 GP Throttle body kit

Throttle body rebuild kit. Includes injector seals.

Price: $30.78