Other Engine Parts

MD069800 OEM Turbo oil pump

OEM Oil Pump. Turbo application only.

Price: $309.89

PK49B Brass plug kit

Brass soft plug kit for the engine block. Replace those rusted steel plugs with brass plugs that will not rust.

Price: $18.99

MD005994 Flywheel to crank dowell

OEM Dowel for end of crankshaft. 88-89 have this dowel. If you are upgrading your flywheel to a Fidenza or have an 87 or older crank and your flywheel has a dowel hole then you can use this dowel.

Be sure your flywheel is drilled for this dowell before pressing in the crank. Flywheels 87 and below are not drilled.

Price: $4.75

Pack of 2 OEM Dowels. Goes from gear cover to block.

Price: $2.00

2-MS471111 Dowels- Cylinder head to block

Pack of 2 OEM Dowels. Goes from cylinder head to block.

Price: $4.10

2-MD020260 Dowell- Tranny to block

Pack of 2 OEM Dowels. Goes from transmission to block.

Price: $5.95

3-MF472404 Flywheel dowell pin set

Pack of 3 OEM flywheel dowel pins. Press into flywheel to align pressure plate to flywheel.

Price: $4.50

99189 front repair sleeve

Front crankshaft pulley repair sleeve. If your front pulley has a groove where the seal rides, you can install this sleeve to re-new the surface.

Price: $31.99

99315 crank rear sleeve

Rear crankshaft sleeve. Install this sleeve if your rear seal has worn a groove in the rear of the crank.

This saves you from having to get the seal surface welded and reground. Be sure on installation that you allow room for the flywheel flange to clear.

Price: $41.99