Hoses and Lines

MB033025 oil cooler eyebolt

Banjo eyebolt for oil cooler lines.

Price: $9.27ea

4-MB033054 OEM Banjo gasket oil cooler

4 New OEM Banjo nut washers for oil cooler and oil cooler bypass fittings. Sold in sets of 4.

Requires 1 set for oil cooler and 1 set for the banjo fitting lines on oil filter bypass.

Price: $11.69

MF650114 Turbo coolant Eyebolt

Banjo eyebolt for turbo coolant line.

Price: $8.62ea

4-MF660065 OEM Banjo gasket Turbo line

Set of 4 OEM copper gaskets for the turbo coolant line banjo fitting.

Price: $4.75

MF660064 copper gasket

OEM copper gasket. Used on top oil line fitting for turbo, and also on the fuel filter banjo bolts.

Price: $1.79ea

MD017359 Turbo fitting

Turbo oil feed fitting. This fitting screws into the turbo, and the oil feed line fastens to it.

Uses copper gasket listed above.

Price: $12.51

MD026609 OEM Pcv hose

New Molded PCV hose. PCV to throttle body.

Price: $12.43

MD120466 Turbo coolant hose

New rubber coolant hose 5.5" long. Goes from the thermostat housing to the turbo coolant line. Also used from turbo to water pump nipple or steel line on passenger side depending on year.

Price: $8.49

MD009016 Oem S shape coolant hose

OEM S-shaped coolant hose. Goes from rear of intake to water tube.

Price: $19.75

MD090941 Turbo coolant Supply line

New OEM Turbo coolant supply line. Goes from turbo down to water pump or just behind the water pump.


out of stock- obsolete

Price: $19.17

MD087360 Turbo Coolant return line

New OEM Turbo coolant return line. This is the line that goes across the front of the valve cover to the thermostat housing.


out of stock- obsolete

Price: $22.62

MD011117 Turbo Oil return hose


Price: $23.89

MD084550 Turbo Oil Feed line.

Turbo steel oil feed line.

Price: $16.95

MD024719 OEM Turbo PCV Valve

New PCV valve for turbo applications.

Price: $9.27